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Credit AnalyzerCapture more business with a full suite of scoring tools!
  • Turn declines into approves!
  • Offer better terms, winning competitive show-downs!
  • Build relationships resulting in repeat business & increasing referrals.

Immediately uncover the best, most accurate score for every applicant! You'll receive easy-to-follow, customized action plans for your applicant, with the flexibility to adjust the plan to maximize results. CIS offers several scoring tools, including:

Credit Assure™:  

identifies score potential points, by bureau, with every credit file!


 All New! CIS has launched Wayfinder as a replacement to Credit Analyzer.
Wayfinder makes you a credit expert by instantly evaluating hundreds of options to give your borrower the most impactful, cost-effective, step-by-step plan to a better score! Powerful new features include:
  • trying multiple options
  • viewing likelihood of the plan's success
  • ability to easily share the plan with the borrower

View a video on Wayfinder

What-If Simulator™:  

 predicts the score impact from numerous scenarios, allowing you to manipulate any account, payment status, balance, utilization level, debt consolidation, new account type and adjust time-frames to those best-suited for your applicant! Recent enhancements give clients even more powerful score-simulation capabilities:

  • View the date a creditor last reported each tradeline & collection account. Use this information to decide which action plan to follow and when to re-pull credit, saving time & money!
  • Forecast the score impact of adding an authorized user credit card account.
  • View & continue working from a previous simulation, including the score forecast and associated account changes! Use this feature to compare score simulation results between bureaus and continue working on previously-run scenarios.

View a tutorial on What-If Simulator


 simplifies Trended Data with a summary of revolving balance movement, payment patterns for revolving & installment accounts and a mid-score forecast.

Consistent use and follow-thru with scoring tools increases loan pipelines and closings, on average, 20-30% monthly! CIS delivers scoring tools on every file, or as needed.

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CIS has launched Wayfinder! Wayfinder replaces Credit Analyzer with powerful new features so you can keep every borrower, close more loans, build more relationships and grow sales!

CIS Completes CloudVirga Integration!

Don't lose your borrower to the competition or to a Refresh-pull surprise. 
Undisclosed Debt Notifications keep you in-the-know.

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