CIS CreditXPert Solutions

Credit AnalyzerCapture more business with a full suite of scoring tools!
  • Turn declines into approves!
  • Offer better terms, winning competitive show-downs!
  • Build relationships resulting in repeat business & increasing referrals.
Immediately uncover the best, most accurate score for every applicant! You'll receive easy-to-follow, customized action plans for your applicant, with the flexibility to adjust the plan to maximize results. CIS offers several scoring tools, including:

Credit Assure™:  

identifies score potential points, by bureau, with every credit file!

Credit Analyzer™:  

 reveals the most impactful, cost-effective actions to achieve score improvement, with the ability to use the applicant's cash funds to achieve even higher score results!
View a tutorial on Credit Analyzer.

What-If Simulator™:  

 predicts the score impact from numerous scenarios, allowing you to manipulate any account, payment status, balance, utilization level, debt consolidation, new account type and adjust time-frames to those best-suited for your applicant! CIS released the latest enhancements to What-If Simulator, giving clients even more powerful score-simulation capabilities:
  • View the date a creditor last reported each tradeline & collection account. Use this information to decide which action plan to follow and when to re-pull credit, saving time & money!
  • Forecast the score impact of adding an authorized user credit card account.

View a tutorial on What-If Simulator.


 simplifies Trended Data with a summary of revolving balance movement, payment patterns for revolving & installment accounts and a mid-score forecast.

Consistent use and follow-thru with scoring tools increases loan pipelines and closings, on average, 20-30% monthly! CIS delivers scoring tools on every file, or as needed.

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CIS released the powerful new features of What-If Simulator!

Judgments & liens are no longer included in consumer credit reports. 
Learn more about this change and how to obtain the public records.

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