CIS Marketing Lists

How do you find more prospects like your best ... Customer? Donor? Applicant? Buyer? Patron? Purchaser? Partner? CIS can find them for you!

With instant access to hundreds of demographic and characteristic attributes, CIS can bolster your direct marketing efforts with contact details of people that match your specific criteria. Target your best prospects by geography, mortgage criteria, age, income level, employment status, type of employment, property characteristics, foreclosure indicators, purchase-pattern attributes and much more.

There is no set-up fee, no charge until the list is purchased and your CIS specialist will review the number of targets matching your criteria before a commitment to purchase is required. Need help with your direct marketing piece? Just ask! CIS specialists can deliver customized campaign material!


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CIS completes integration of their 4506T Tax Transcript Service to Day 1 Certainty from Fannie Mae through Desktop Underwriter.

Validating your applicant is who they claim to be has never been more important!
InstantID: reveals compromised identities.
SSA89: uncovers SSN fraud.
Application Data Validation: authenticates all person & property loan credentials.

RiskView Liens & Judgments contains the public records the bureaus removed from consumer credit reports.

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