Portfolio Monitoring

CIS delivers solutions to mitigate risk & identify growth opportunities across entire portfolios of accounts. By using CIS solutions to monitor your customer, business partner and prospect portfolios, you can focus on growing the business, while knowing with confidence that cost-efficient, consistent, compliant processes are running across your databases, pushing risk alerts and growth opportunities to the forefront to prioritize your labor costs on the most critical areas. Portfolio solutions offer many benefits, including:
  • predictive scoring technology to ensure consistent, reliable decisioning
  • alerts on derogatory information such as late payments, bankruptcies and charge-offs
  • alerts on clients that are shopping for credit elsewhere
  • technology to mine through your existing clientele for characteristics that match growth indicators
  • enhance collection timing & strategies through early warning indicators
  • identify accounts with recovery potential before they become irrecoverable
  • cost-effective Quality Control procedures
  • accelerating enterprise-wide processes (application processing, loan processing) without sacrificing quality, compliance or losing prospects
Add the efficiencies that can be gained from using CIS Portfolio Solutions to your bottom line today!

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Access previously-run score simulations! The new What-If Simulator saves the last simulation completed for each bureau. Enhancements also reveal the date the creditor reports to the bureau!

Liens & judgments are no longer included in credit reports. Learn more about this change and how to obtain the public records.

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