Property Valuation Models

CIS delivers instant, low-cost tools for determining a property's value and/or condition. Use an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) as a presale appraisal to understand value and assist clients in pursuing properties in their price-range.

Home Value Explorer Report

The Home Value Explorer (HVE) is rated top in accuracy, fulfillment & acceptance with lenders.  The HVE leads the rankings of automated valuation models due to the rigorous validation and ongoing testing it undergoes.  HVE has the advantage of including property values in nondisclosure states from the Freddie Mac loan file, creating a competitive advantage in accuracy & fulfillment rates.  HVE covers all 50 states, including 3,100 counties.  HVE includes details on property characteristics, ownership history, defines an estimated high & low value with confidence score, and delivers comparable recent sales data from neighboring properties. HVE is a widely accepted solution for many different purposes, including loan origination, equity financing, quality control, risk assessment, portfolio evaluation and borrower education.

The HVE delivers the following benefits:
  • highly accurate, instant valuation
  • the industry's most advanced modeling methods & highest fulfillment rates
  • cost-effective tool to strengthen the borrower relationship & provide value early in the loan process
  • completely integrated into the 24/7, web delivery platform used for other CIS services
  • nationwide coverage
  • filter by confidence score
  • no hit, no charge*
*If a valuation cannot be processed due to geographic scope or data integrity issues, the user is immediately notified and there will be no charge.                                                  

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PASS Report

The PASS report delivers an instant property value, with all the characteristics of the HVE report, but in addition, includes greater detail on comparable properties used in the valuation process.


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CIS completes integration of their 4506T Tax Transcript Service to Day 1 Certainty from Fannie Mae through Desktop Underwriter.

Validating your applicant is who they claim to be has never been more important!
InstantID: reveals compromised identities.
SSA89: uncovers SSN fraud.
Application Data Validation: authenticates all person & property loan credentials.

RiskView Liens & Judgments contains the public records the bureaus removed from consumer credit reports.

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