CIS Rescore Report

Reveal the most accurate score for every borrower!  CIS Rescore delivers a competitive advantage to grow your business. Working from the most accurate score, leads to offering the best financing terms, which results in more closings & long-term, profitable relationships! Credit report errors are prevalent in the United States, with many of those errors potentially causing denials or a reduction in the terms offered for consumers.* The CIS Rescore Report provides a means to quickly fix errors, delete dispute remarks, update debt ratios, reflect recent payments, and perform other critical updates, at the bureau level, to ensure the most accurate score is delivered for credit-worthy customers within 3-5 days, even quicker on rush orders! To prepare for a Rescore, use the Credit Analyzer to reveal the most cost-effective and likely actions for score improvement or use the What-if Simulator to project the potential score improvement points and ensure the Rescore request is what you require.

To process a Rescore Report, very specific documentation must be uploaded with your request!

CIS Rescore Documentation Requirements

Rescore requests received after 3:00 p.m. are submitted to the bureau(s) on the following business day. All documentation will be verified by the individual bureau(s). CIS will contact the client immediately if the bureau(s) has any dispute with the documentation provided.

The borrower’s credit file will immediately reflect the action processed once the Rescore request is completed. It is recommended to repull the credit file, immediately following the completed Rescore, as the change may be replaced with the previously reported information if the original creditor has not updated the data they send to the bureau(s). The borrower must follow-up with the creditor to ensure they are reporting the updated information.

CIS Dispute Removal Form

The Rescore Report does not guarantee a score increase. Many factors affect a credit score.

Online Rescore order instructions:
1. From the applicant's file, choose Request Repository Update, under Add-on Products.
2. Complete Repository Update Request. Click on the trade-line or public record & select action to complete.
3. Upload Supporting Documentation & Submit.

Contact CIS for more information on the Rescore Report.

*Study by a Public Interest Research Group found errors in 79% of US Credit Reports, with 25% of the errors being derogatory information that could result in a credit declination.

CIS completes integration of their 4506T Tax Transcript Service to Day 1 Certainty from Fannie Mae through Desktop Underwriter.

Validating your applicant is who they claim to be has never been more important!
InstantID: reveals compromised identities.
SSA89: uncovers SSN fraud.
Application Data Validation: authenticates all person & property loan credentials.

RiskView Liens & Judgments contains the public records the bureaus removed from consumer credit reports.

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