CIS Property Risk Tools

CIS Property Searches

CIS delivers full detail on the history of properties, including mortgage, deed and owner detail. Investigations are completed at the county and state level to fully uncover any activity that could affect the property’s title being free and clear of any third-party interests.

CIS Tax Monitoring

CIS Tax Monitoring includes Life-of-Loan tracking and the client’s choice of quarterly or annual reviews. Available for individual or an entire portfolio of properties! With CIS Tax Monitoring:
  • Identify properties with delinquent taxes
  • View aging detail by quarter
  • Recognize properties with current taxes
  • Mitigate risk from mortgage loans
  • Cost-effectively identify loans with greatest risk
Ask your CIS Sales Specialist for specifics on geographies included in the Property Search and Tax Monitoring solutions and to discuss the property tools that best address your needs.

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Access previously-run score simulations! The new What-If Simulator saves the last simulation completed for each bureau. Enhancements also reveal the date the creditor reports to the bureau!

Liens & judgments are no longer included in credit reports. Learn more about this change and how to obtain the public records.

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