Asset Verification (Verification of Deposit)

CIS delivers Automated Asset Verification to completely replace the need to collect banking & brokerage statements! Securely automate financial verification for all applicants! Automated Asset Verification stops fraud, eliminates manual processing, delivers account monitoring & account history options, and is accepted by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and nearly all investors, nationwide.

An average of 5 hours is spent, per loan, on asset document collection, review and verification and the same document is collected and reviewed multiple times during the loan process. This manual verification is slow, costly & riddled with hidden fraud! Over $20 billion of unchecked fraud existed in 2013 loan transactions*. Direct source validation stops fraud & saves time!

CIS has partnered with AccountChek™, delivering a secure, online, real-time, compliant process that is patented and accepted by government sponsored enterprises, lenders and investors to validate deposits and assets. AccountChek™ is used by multiple industries, including mortgage, credit card, automobile, rental, real estate and other businesses, to eliminate the hassle required to obtain complete copies of bank statements and third-party validate the information.

How does it work? View a tutorialA simple 3-step process verifies data in minutes!
  1. Login & Authorize – the borrower receives a notification with their AccountChek™ login.
  2. Connect & Verify – borrower connects their financial institutions & authorizes accounts.
  3. Submit – Requestor is sent deposit/asset report.

The AccountChek™ platform is integrated with the broad suite of CIS solutions. Verify deposits and assets from the same platform used for credit and other services. Cross-referencing data to identify fraud and discrepancies is efficiently facilitated with a complete package of all documents! A complete statement and 1006 form are delivered for each account requested. Verify up to 10 accounts on a single request!
View  Asset Verification (complete statement)
View Fannie Mae 1006

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*AccountChek, CoreLogic 2013 Fraud Report

CIS completes integration of their 4506T Tax Transcript Service to Day 1 Certainty from Fannie Mae through Desktop Underwriter.

Validating your applicant is who they claim to be has never been more important!
InstantID: reveals compromised identities.
SSA89: uncovers SSN fraud.
Application Data Validation: authenticates all person & property loan credentials.

RiskView Liens & Judgments contains the public records the bureaus removed from consumer credit reports.

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